Friday night's Practical exam

So the black belt practical test was last Friday night. It was not a good night. Although no one broke any bones, and there was no blood, it was ugly. And why did it get ugly? Because people were WHINING! Not my friend M, she’s not a whiner. Big rule regarding the practical test. DON’T WHINE! Renshi-(or Kyoshi now) HATES it. It makes him very angry. These kids and CB were complaining even before they had anything to complain about! So they all got to see his “bad” side. Almost everyone ended up in tears at some point (except M. she’s bad-ass) Now, I’ve told you about CB (crybaby) and her 2 daughters. Well, the youngest failed the physical test so she is out until the next testing cycle. She had been sick way too much and had to take a make-up physical test. She ran her 3 miles in 36 minutes. Not too good. So now its down to the mom and oldest daughter. Both of them complain ALL.THE.TIME. Actually, I’ve heard that the oldest one actually howls sometimes when she’s running. HOWLS like a dog at the moon. Must be comical to say the least. So some other incidences were; one kid (going to 2nd degree) wore the wrong gi top. He wore his blue top-everyone is supposed to wear white. (not his first practical so he should have known this) Punishment? 1000 pushups. That’s right. 1000. Also, M was sparring Sensei T (who is also an accomplished muay thai fighter)..he told her that he was gonna start hitting her and it was going to hurt. So he did, harder and harder each time, and finally he threw this kick to the ribs that really hurt – what did she do? She executed a perfect knee strike to the groin. Even grabbed his shoulders and pulled him into it. Legal? No. Effective? Yes. Kyoshi reprimanded her later in front of everyone for that…he called it “completely unacceptable behavior” And she knows this…but at the time, that’s how she reacted. (knee-jerk reaction heh heh).
Then after sparring they did breakfalls-over and over, and they couldn’t use they’re hands or arms to get up afterwards, legs only. Then they did bunkai (kata application) and kumite (pre arranged short sparring drills) for the rest of the night. No kata at all. And apparently, CB was talking constantly to M throughout the whole thing. M’s just trying to do what she’s supposed to be doing and CB keeps stopping and talking to her. And not even just talking while doing kumite-she would actually stop and try and have conversation (mostly complaining about the unfairness of the whole practical) finally M said “can you just SHUT UP and do the Kumites!!” I don’t think that really worked though. In the end, they were told they all had to come back the next morning and work more on bunkai and show their musical demos. All this after they had to run at the track at 8am. And they had to run 5 miles. Ouch.


Big promotion last weekend

So how cool is this... Our very own Renshi was promoted to 7th Dan over the weekend! Not only that, his title has now been changed to Kyoshi! I wish I could have seen the promotion. A few of the adult students took a road trip down to NJ to watch. I hope someone took video of his demo. They said it was quite impressive. At class last night, he was presented with a framed group of pictures from that night. He was very humble and thankful. and his belt is quite snazzy...red and white with his name embroidered in gold thread. He said its going to be hard getting used to a new title as he's been a Renshi for the past 10 years. Especially for the little ninjas & dragons..they think his actual name was "renshi" so some of them have been calling him Sensei Renshi...heh heh heh now what? Sensei Renshi Kyoshi?
Someone in class last night asked him how many miles he had to run for 7th...he said he had to run all the way down to NJ. ha ha ha. I wonder if he had to do any commando crawls or duck walks...hmmmmm.


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