Black Belt Challange

This is the 2nd year for the Black Belt Challange, my first one. We have one month and these are Kyoshi's challanges.

Run- 50 miles
Kata-practice 1 either Naihanchi kata or Chinto or Jion~ 100 times. I don't know Jion, so I'm doing Naihanchi Sandan.
Weapons- practice any weapons kata~ 100 times
Crunches- 3000
Spar- 20 rounds-2 minutes each
Power kicks- (must be against a pad or target) Front kicks, side kicks, rearleg roundhouse, back kicks~ 500 each leg (total 4000)
Teaching- teach an underbelt a kata/kumite/or bunkai so that they can do it on their own.
Bunkai- Pinan Godan or Pinan Sandan ~ practice 20 times in a han
Cardio- take 4 cardio kickboxing classes
Wellness- take 2 budokan and 1 tai-chi class
Grappling- learn grappling drill #1
Do 3 things in your home to "go green"
Refer a student
Read- either Weaponless Warriors or You don't need a title to be a Leader.
Atomic pushups- no particular number, get a baseline, set a goal and try to meet it. These are done with your legs in a type of stirrup-off the ground. Sensei T has set the record at 62. I'll be lucky if I can do 5. I can't even describe how these pushups look. they are evil.

So, this challange lasts only for the month of August. AND~ these challanges must be done on your own time. So any sparring that you do in class.....DOESN'T COUNT! same with crunches, kata, etc. WAH! I don't know how I'm going to spar 20 rounds on my own time..but I will do all that I can do.



We had sparring on wednesday. We also have it for the next couple weeks. I'm kind of glad. I need to get myself back and comfortable with sparring. I need to get my cardio level back up to where it should be. I would also like to get rid of these arm guards. I love them, I feel safe wearing them, but they also retain a lot of heat. I think this week, I'll bring them but leave them to the side. Most of the people who I'm sparring now will not break my arm. (a rib, maybe...heh heh). Anyway, I don't spar armbreaker anymore, he is never in the class I go to. It was a unique incident and probably will never happen again. right? right.