This week in karate

There is nothing more fun than being thrown down to the floor. Except maybe throwing someone else to the floor. We did a lot of bunkai Monday night. We worked on Pinan Sandan bunkai also which I had only done maybe twice and over a year ago. It’s a lot of fun. There’s an excellent take down at the end when the attacker gets you in a bear hug from behind and you have to grab his/her hands, move your left leg behind theirs and then twist and drop down and they go flying! (this takedown is also in our Kumite # 7). I’ve always had a problem with takedowns. Either I lean over too much and I get pulled down, or I don’t drop down into a deep enough horse stance, or I just try to use brute force which really never ever works. But for some reason, last night I did them all smoothly. I guess the techniques have finally sunk in. (its about time) I even threw down a couple men who are much bigger than me. Now that’s pretty cool. Heehee.
Last night I braved sparring. Haven’t done it in more than 6 months. It was a good class-not too many scary fighters (you know the kind…more interested in being brutal than practicing technique) I actually practiced some spinning hook kicks which I never do during sparring. I’m always convinced that while I’m spinning, my opponent will be way quicker than me and get to me before I’m completely spun around so I just don’t bother. But last night I did try and I was fairly successful. Successful meaning I did make it 360 degrees without being crushed. I didn’t necessarily land any of the kicks, but my aim was good. Not bad I thought. By the end of class I was wiped out. My cardio still needs a lot of help. I really need to start running again.