the "and stuff"

I know I haven't posted in a while. Things have been busy. But for your viewing pleasure, here are some things I'm crocheting.

here's my first (successful) hat. its crocheted out of some sort of shoelace type ribbony stuff.

here's another one.

and another one. I think I should get someone to model these for me next time..

ear warmer..

a (very lopsided) scarf. Although I think i hid the lopsided part in this picture.

I've got some more, too. I'll post them later.

enjoy! (but be kind :)



You may have noticed that I have deleted my last post about nunchucku. That is because an "anonymous" idiot left this long, rude, freakish comment that has NOTHING to do with martial arts and somehow made it impossible for me to delete. So that no one else would have to read the crap that he posted, I felt I needed to just delete the whole post. I have also turned back on the comment moderation at least for the time being. some people just have nothing better to do than sabotage a person's blog.