My new favorite weapon and some self defense too

So I went to 2 classes on saturday (C and I, actually) First was weapons. There are 2 weapons classes that go on at the same time, one is all bo, the other is all small weapons. C went to bo class, I went to small weapons. I successfully passed Nunchucku dai ichi and got to start learning Kama dai ichi. So far, they are my favorite weapons. (i haven't learned Sai yet, though but thats next ) There's something about waving around sticks with big blades attached that makes you feel like a warrior (heehee). All the ripping, grabbing, and jabbing..thats good stuff. (and NO, the blades are not sharpened ) The kama I have are traditional Okinawan style (the ones in the picture) and are much bigger and heavier than what a lot of students use at my dojo. I like them. My arms are skinny and using heavier weapons will only help to improve my strength and eventually my speed. My bo is heavier than most too. So anyway, thats where I stand with my weapons. I'm hoping to have C write down the whole Kama dai ichi kata so that I can practice more at home..he's not sure he remembers it all, though.

So after weapons class was regular class. We did mostly self defense which I love. I used to be very intimidated by self defense but it is true that it becomes more natural feeling the more you do it. I was partnered up with L, who is a 3rd (I think)kyu adult female, and mom to a 2nd degree teen. She's a lot of fun to work with and I've seen a lot of improvement in her technique. She used to be one of those students that during punching/blocking drills she would not punch at her opponents face or body, but to the side..not helping her opponent to truely learn how to block..But now, she punches directly at you and she is strong! Its excellent. So we had a good time, we mostly worked on defense for different types of wrist grabs, usually ending with the attacker on the ground by using his/her own momentum to throw him/her or by using a painful submission technique to bring him/her down. I love it.


Holiday Make-up class

Saturday there was a 2 hour make up class. C and I went, of course, because I love torture. C went snowboarding on Friday night and was exhausted so if it was up to him, it would just be me going to this class. But it was not up to him. :) The class was packed. We all warmed up together and when it was time to touch your toes, Kyoshi said.."Kids, do you hear that "uuuuggghh" sound? Thats the sound the adults make when they stretch out. Also you might hear some creaking, and cracking sounds...don't be scared... Its just the adults.." Of course, we were all laughing..because it was true..After we warmed up a bit they split the class up and the underbelt kids went into the other room for their class. We warmed up some more, then partnered up for some moving basics. We lined up in 2 lines facing each other and after each basic drill, we would rotate and get a new partner for the next drill. There were also some self defense drills worked in there as well. We also worked Kumite 1-4 (these are pre-arranged short sparring drills). We did Kihon kata about a gazillion times too. And empi waza. We did bag work and then break falls. Then at the end we had to do about 20 different types of push-ups. All evil. Some were on the knuckles, some on the fingertips, some with your hands forming a triangle under your chest area, some with your hands flat but with your fingertips facing your toes, and some more with one hand at shoulder level and the other hand at waist level. Then some pushups where you push up, then lift one hand up over your body pointing towards the ceiling, alternating hands. I can't remember any more...but I am still very sore.