a couple crochet pictures for your amusement..(since I haven't been to karate in a couple weeks) the quality sucks because i took the pictures with my camara phone. The top left is a baby blanket I made for a co-worker, the hat on the bottom I made for my niece (its much more vibrant than it looks) and above is a hacky sack I made for my son. I wish I had taken more pictures of the things I made as christmas presents but..I didn't.


Warrior Spirit

So, what do you and your friends do when they all turn/turned 40? I've got an idea, pack your sleeping bags and pillows, drive down to NY, have a sleep over at your dear friend's apartment, go down to St Marks Street and get some ink! I highly recommend it. Here's what I got-
It means warrior spirit or essence of warrior. At first I thought it just meant 'warrior' but upon further research I found out it actually means Warrior spirit which is what I originally wanted. I'm very happy with it. Its on my leg and as soon as its healed nicely I'll post a picture of it.