someone light a fire under me please!

I have basically hibernated for the past 2 months. I am in TERRIBLE shape. It started when I joined the Shape Up RI thing thru work. We had teams, we wore pedometers and I had all these ideas of starting running again and more karate etc etc. Instead...I became the laziest slug on earth. Passive aggressive maybe? Seasonal Affect disorder? Too much stress? I don't know. All I know is that I HAVE to get back to karate. It is taking a toll on my flabby gut and my flabby brain.
I have learned some new crochet stitches in the mean time...so my right hand is in excellent shape. I started working on an afghan/Tunisian stitch and bought these really long afghan crochet hooks. I have so much yarn that was my grandmother's it would be perfect to make an afghan with it all. I'm also still working on my granny square afghan, too. I'll post pictures soon, I promise. I've also been gardening-starting seeds for this years vegetable garden and doing a bunch of yard work.
I miss kicking and punching and kata. Although, I do kata at home its not the same workout I get at the dojo. Its not as much fun either.