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yep, I did miss a lot

I knew I was going to fall behind. Apparantly, its been all about bunkai the past couple months. Kyoshi has been teaching Passai Sho bunkai. I've only seen this done a couple times, never actually did it myself, though. There are a couple really vicious takedowns in this bunkai-one of which you end up flat on your face. We've also been working more on Pinan Sandan bunkai. I've only done this one a couple times. I hate being behind. I went to class on Wednesday and we did bunkai for most of the class-(not passai sho, though) It was good to review these. We did the bunkai for Naihanchi Shodan oyo, Pinan Shodan oyo, Pinan Yondan oyo, and Pinan Shodan (non-oyo) and then a bit of Pinan Sandan.
sigh. I'll catch up, right?



So I finally got back to class on Saturday. It felt great. I went to weapons class and reviewed the 5 bo kata I knew, then to regular class at noon. The warm up alone almost knocked me on my butt. We did mostly kata after that which was fine by me. We did all 5 kihon kata as a group then broke into smaller groups by rank to work on whatever kata we needed to. I worked with another shodan who has come back after several years hiatus. I remember her from when my son was a little white belt and she was on the STORM team. So we worked on Kusanku Dai. I know this kata pretty well now and soon I'll be starting Gojushiho. That one looks really complicated to me, but I will need it for Nidan. Lots of weird angles and new moves and its really long (54 count, which is what the name translates to...eek!)
My muscles were so sore on sunday but a good sore. I've missed that. :)


i'm it!-7 random facts

So, I've been tagged..by Supergroup7..Here are 7 random facts about me...

1. I have 9 1/2 toes

2. I used to be a hair colorist on Newbury St in Boston

3. I hate asparagus.

4. Both of my children have ADHD (without the hyperactivity)

5. My favorite things to occupy my time are karate (no, really?) gardening, and crocheting.

6. I love power tools

7. My birthday is on Halloween (turning 40 this year! eeek)

Tagging you P-Fist!!


Karate movies

I saw a cool movie last night. It was called Karate Bullfighter and it starred Sonny Chiba. I love Sonny Chiba movies. I have a collection of them. Streetfighter, Return of Streetfighter, even Streetfighters last Revenge (horrible movie) Also, Sister Streetfighter which stars Sue Shiomi and Sonny Chiba. That one is my favorite. Shiomi is amazing. One of the best things about these movies is the fake blood. So hilarious! That and the sound effects.
I love that Chiba was in Kill Bill, too. Anyway, in Karate Bullfighter, it was really cool to see Chiba and his student in the film doing Paipuren (or a variation) which is the White Crane kata I learned in association camp this summer. So there I am, all by myself, watching this movie and totally giddy saying out loud...I KNOW THAT!! I LEARNED THAT!!
so there you go...that is a brief snapshot of my sunday evening. If you ever get a chance to watch some of these, especially the Streetfighter series, I highly recommend them. Not only to see the expertise of these martial artists, but to have a good laugh at the same time.


I have been away from the dojo for about a month. Its killing me. Because of family issues and the need for me to be a presence at home I've had to prioritize. And of course family comes first. However, things are getting better, and Frotoe needs some karate in a major way. I feel like a blob. Mentally and physically. I haven't even been practicing much at home until this past week. (although I think about karate constantly) I feel like I've lost so much learning time. Uck.