Ok so I've just finished learning my 5th bo kata. Here's what I know.
Taiso Rensu uke
Shushi no kun
Taiso Rensu kogeki
Ten ryu no kun
Tokemeni no kun

so its time for nunchucks!! First kata is Nunchuck dai ich. lots of figure 8's. Lots of repetition. A couple weird one legged stances. I'm not sure about those. I have a hard enough time with all the crane stances in Chinto, but whatever, I'll do what I can. And then once I learn that, I can move on to kama. Yay!


Becky said...

I like the new color scheme!

We do three bo kata in Isshinryu. They are Tokumine no kun, Urashi no kun, and shiu shi no kun. So far, I only know tokumine no kun, and part of urashi no kun. Some Isshinryu lineages don't even start weapons until one reaches black belt, but we usually start at green or brown belt.

We also do three sai kata, and one tonfa kata. We don't train with nunchaku at all.

PerpetualBeginner said...

Being in Isshinryu like Becky, but further down the totem pole, I am only just starting to learn Tokumine no kun. My sensei, on the other hand, knows and performs one seriously cool bo kata that he doesn't know the name for, which makes me curious as to whether any of yours are it. Do any of them involve an over-the-head sweep while holding one end of the bo?

Windsornot said...

Numchakas, huh? You and me both. Are you doing singles or doubles? I attempted doubles last testing cycles, and well, just got through. Now I'm at the rank where I ABSOLUTELY have to know and test with numchakas (or ssahng jeh bahng, as they say in Korean), but at least it's with singles and it's just drills. The kata/form for the drills are the striking lines, 3 triangles, 3 V-strikes, 3-360 degree releases, 3 of those figure 8s. That's it. Piece of cake, now that I know where and how to do the striking lines! (I knew where the striking lines were, same as bo staff, but how to get there....) Good luck! And don't whack yourself in the head too much! (Trick is keeping your elbows up!)

frotoe said...

Becky~ do you do anything with Kama in Issinryu?

perpetualbeginner~ My son does a bo kata that has that move. I'll have to ask him what it's called. He may have learned it when he was on demo team. It is really cool to watch.

windsornot~i'm only learning single nunchucks right now. I couldn't imagine getting 2 sets of nunchucks going at the same time..hahaha I think I might get them wrapped around my neck. I did get some foam nunchucks until I get more comfortable with them. I know someone (she's a Nidan now) who when she was practicing in her livingroom, knocked herself out cold. heh heh heh

Becky said...

No, not officially. The only weapons Isshinryu officially trains in are bo, sai, and tonfa. However, lots of people will also train in kama, nunchaku, escrima, etc.

Cindy, I don't know. I've only learned tokumine no kun, and the first half of Urashi so far. I've seen shiu shi a couple of times, but don't really remember an overhead sweep. You might try asking the ladies in the Isshinryu Women's list. They might know.

John Vesia said...

5 bo katas? That's alot for shodan. I'm working on my 3rd (shishi no kun no dai). I also have Tokomine no kun and Urashi bo. Fortunately we don't do nunchaku (or kama) in Isshinryu. They look a bit unwieldy to me. Good luck with them.