Fun Week

So next week is fun week. I love fun week! Monday is picture day. We have class pictures taken as well as individual photos. Its chaos in the dojo on picture day although each age group has their own time slot to show up for. They are always behind schedule. There is also competition camp for the kids all week. Tuesday they have a special guest instructor. Any one heard of Daniel Sterling? Yes! I'm not kidding! Un FREAKIN believable! lucky kids! On wednesday is my favorite class~ beach class~ where we all go in our white gi's, (with swimsuits underneath) have a group picture taken, then have class. We end up doing basics and kata into the ocean as well as commando crawls, forward rolls, maybe some bunkai...anything to make sure you're all sandy and soaked by the end of class. I'm sure I'll have some pictures to post from that~my sister will be there with her camera. Then on friday, association summer camp starts. SO EXCITED! I've never been to one of these all weekend camps before. This year our Kyoshi is hosting it and it will be local (instead of in NJ where it usually is). So I will only have to drive about 10 minutes up to URI. Among other things there will be a White Crane class, lots of kobudo as well as kobudo kumite, ground self defense, pressure points , a Taiko drum presentation in Newport, a BBQ on the beach..plus a lot of other stuff. Its going to be a lot of fun.


Becky said...

Sounds like a great opportuntiy. I can't wait to hear all about it.

supergroup7 said...

Have a great time. I hope that you take a couple of pictures to share with us..

Stevo said...

Hi There, just cruising round looking at various blogs :-)
have a nice day :-)