the "and stuff"

I know I haven't posted in a while. Things have been busy. But for your viewing pleasure, here are some things I'm crocheting.

here's my first (successful) hat. its crocheted out of some sort of shoelace type ribbony stuff.

here's another one.

and another one. I think I should get someone to model these for me next time..

ear warmer..

a (very lopsided) scarf. Although I think i hid the lopsided part in this picture.

I've got some more, too. I'll post them later.

enjoy! (but be kind :)


sheila said...

I'm so impressed - I can so see you wearing those little hats!

Windsornot said...

Very nice! I like your choice of colors/yarns. I can't figure out crochet for the life of me beyond your basic chain for a base. Knitting-- no problem. Crocheting= rocket science for me. ;-)

Becky said...

I love your stuff! The hats look great, and a little blocking will take any lopsidedness out of the scarf. Or you could call it a design element and say that it adds character. ;)

frotoe said...


Sheila-I wear the first hat all the time.

Windsornot-I prefer crocheting..it only has 1 thingy to hold instead of 2 thingies. Much easier for me.

Becky, No blocking could fix this scarf..there are several more stitches at one end than there are at the other. So..."character" it is!

Silverstar said...

Those look great! I like the second one the best.:)

black belt mama said...

I haven't crocheted anything is so long. I was looking at these pictures with my daughter. She kept pointing at the first one and saying "cake."