QQS is on saturday. I need to go. QQS is 3-4 times/year and is for black belts only. I think I've mentioned it before, it lasts about 3 hours, starts with a 3 mile run, then sparring and kata and weapons. QQS means Quality, Quantity and Spirit testing. I am so out of shape right now the run will probably wipe me out, but its important to go and do your best regardless. It is fun, too. Sometimes Kyoshi will have other events count as QQS...this year, the St Patricks day tournament and summer camp both counted as a QQS for black belts. I did both. Last November was my first QQS and it was held outside at the HS track. We lucked out as it was a beautiful and unseasonably warm day. Not sure where this one will be. If it is in the dojo, we're gonna be packed in like sardines. We'll probably smell just as bad by the end of it too.

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