Nunchucks and Spar Wars

So I went to 2 classes on saturday. First was weapons. I brought my big girl nunchucks and had some refresher training on Nunchuku Dai Ich. By the end of the class I could get through the kata without help so that means...next week is Kama!!! I'm very excited. I have to say, though, I'm really enjoying the nunchucks. Anyway, after that class I had regular class, where we did a lot of partner work with focus pads. We went thru several combos (jab, cross, hook, upper cut) while staying in motion. I swear, the hardest part is holding the pads and remembering which way to turn them to receive the next punch. I worked with B, a brown belt who works her a** off. She is one of the group of parents who started training a couple years ago. They are all brown belts now and I can't wait to see them all get their black belts. They are so cool. Its going to be a huge group testing in about a year. So after skinning my knuckles on pads (ouchie), we worked on focus kicks-double roundhouse kicks (to the stomach , then to the head) and then hook kick/round kick combo.

In a couple weeks we have Spar Wars. This started a couple of years ago when one of the student's house burned down. Kyoshi set aside one saturday and had people sign up to spar him. The cost - $5 for 2 minutes in the ring with Kyoshi and all the money collected was given to the student's family. This year, the proceeds go to the KIAI fund which is a scholarship program for students who want to learn karate but cannot afford the tuition. So, there is a 3 page sign up sheet, you can choose the timeslot you want to get your hiney whooped that day. I have never sparred Kyoshi. It will be amusing. I'm sure he'll be smiling the whole time. That same smile he gets when he watches the adult students practice "coffee grinder's" ( a breakdancing move also) or like at Thanksgiving cardio kickboxing , at the end of class,when he had us do partner sit-ups where we lined up in 2 lines across, facing each other -in sit up position , ankles locked with your partner, do 10 situps, making sure you do "high tens" with your partner each time,then after 10, rotate to the right and do the same with your new partner. and over and over and over...that twisted, evil smile he gets watching his students suffer like that.
I'm looking forward to it! :)


Silverstar said...

Have fun with nunchuks, they look intimidating.
Fundraising through sparring is a great idea!:)

Potatoe Fist said...

I'm with you, the kama look totally cool. We rarely do weapons so I'll have to live through you vacariously.

Good luck with Kyoshi!

[Mat] said...

Sounds like fun.

2 minutes sparring?
Get in close and throw him down. It's the whole thing about karate that people don't usually get.

Move in. :D

Have fun and glad to see you posting again!

Windsornot said...

Man, depending on how tough or not tough he was, 2 minutes can feel like an eternity. I know during tournament matches, it feels like that to me, but it might be because about halfway through I usually start having an asthma attack!:-P And kamas-- I LUUUUUUV kamas. And now that I'm a 1st dan in my discipline of TKD, I won't be officially using them again until I'm a 2nd dan, so that stinks! I'm working on a basic numchaka form myself, so there you go. We're in good company.