No karate this week. Too much holiday stuff to take care of. I did get myself a christmas present, though..

just try and break my arm!! (i got the pink ones :)

Happy Holidays everyone!


Windsornot said...

Sweet! Nice present to get! I'm sure that's going to help a lot. There are times that I wish I could be covered head to toe with padding that was flexible enough to spar, but padded enough to take a good hit and not feel anything! LOL I got a new chest protector from my boss (the do-jahng owner), which was sweet-cool, and tried it today. Huge difference! I think you'll be more comfortable and confident knowing your elbow and arm are protected better now.

Merry Christmas! :-) (Glad you liked the video!)

Jen said...

Happy New Year!

blackbeltmama said...

Very nice and I like your color choice too. Happy New Year to you too.