This week

Well, I went to 2 classes this week. It felt good to get back into a normal karate routine. We've been working on Pinan Shodan bunkai-which is different than Pinan Shodan OYO bunkai which most of the students are used to. I've noticed that they seem to be raising the bar on what the students should know and I think its great. I love learning new things. I had done this bunkai a few times so I was a bit more familiar with it than some of the other students.
We have a new training room in our dojo- there used to be an art studio in the back of the building but they moved to a newer bigger location so Renshi opened up a Pilates and Yoga room and has hired an instructor to be in charge of that area. Its a beautiful room too- nice mahogany wood floors. How Cool! I have wanted to take pilates but the local place that offers pilates and yoga is very crunchy/granola au natural which is fine for some people but I don't really enjoy the B.O. and armpit hair that goes along with that clientelle (sp?) its great for some people...not for me. So...now I have the opportunity to try it. It seems like Karate takes care of toning every part of my body except for my jello stomach so it will be a nice addition to my work out. Although I have my doubts that it will ever become as toned as I would like it to be.
My arm is doing pretty well, still a little pain where it was broken (along with a big lump) and my wrist and elbow are still stiff and sore, but its progressing.


[Mat] said...

Love progression. Should be back by christmas, huh? I have a lump too. I can actually feel the cracked bone under the skin. At both places where it broke. It's a bit out of place. Weird, but nice that it heals so nicely! The human body never ceases to amaze me.

This weekend, I was picking up my nieces and woah, did that hurt. But just after the pain was gone, I could move more freely. Weird, huh?

Jello abs... whatever...

Be well :)

supergroup7 said...

Oh... I've come to grips that my stomach will be what it is for now.. I just keep training, and toning, and I don't worry about what my abs look like. I enjoy karate too much.. ha ha ha

Nice to hear that your injury is healing.