Not much

Not too much to talk about. I've been getting back to class on a regular basis finally after the holidays. right now we've been focusing on lots and lots of kata. This is because the pretest is coming up next week for the new black belt candidates. The lesson plan is set up this way to help the 1st kyus practice and fine tune what they will be expected to show next week.
I AM SO GLAD ITS NOT ME! My friend M will be taking the test. we started taking karate at the same time but she took some time off to have a baby so we ended up in different testing cycles. I think this group is a lot larger than mine. With a lot of students testing for Nidan and possibly Sandan too. there is one adult student that is going for Nidan who is going to be a problem. This man is a grown up version of arm breaker. He spars like he's in a back ally brawl every time. Always hits extra hard. If he passes the pretest (he sucks at kata so he could actually fail) he's gonna be a tough one at the practical. I AM SO GLAD ITS NOT ME...oh. i said that already..


Miss Chris said...

We had so many guy sparrers in our class that felt that they needed to hit and kick as hard as they could every time, even on the women. Can you say "ego" anyone?

just1beth said...

grown up version of the arm breaker- i'd laugh but it's not even funny. what a jerk.

Becky said...

I know I'm a bit late, but I had to add this. Thursday night, a couple of our students tested for their ik-kyus. The same thought was running through my head: I'M SO GLAD IT'S NOT ME!!!