2PM-Physical Test

Today is my physical test. I can't wait till this is over. I wish it was in the morning. I seriously doubt I will run 3 miles in 24 minutes. Even with the adrenalin rush that will supposedly make me fly around the track. We'll see. I will do my best regardless. I can say, though, that I have successfully done 50 push ups (in a row) 3 times this week. So I'm pretty confident I can do it today too. I"m not worried about the 200 crunches. I believe we have to show our full splits too. HA HA HA mine is more like a roof top, but whatever, we're not graded on those.

Well after today, I can focus more on working on my katas-particularly Chinto, Pinan Yondan Oyo Bunkai kata, my musical demo and whatever kata they will be teaching us to do for our group demo at the promotion in late Oct/early November.
We still have to run every week and endure different forms of torture at the track.

can someone take my test for me? please?


John Vesia said...

3 miles in 24 minutes? That's a good brisk pace. I can't run anymore (bad knees). 50 pushups is an achievement for any adult - most men can't do more than 15 with good form. Is this all for your shodan test? If so, good luck!

[Mat] said...

good luck indeed.

can't take it for you. and you wouldn't want me to. :)

have fun

supergroup7 said...

Wouldn't want to switch places with you, sorry.

I have every confidence that you will do well.

Go for it!

Becky said...

Good luck from me as well. If my shodan had been like yours, I doubt I would have passed.