I'm not worthy!!!!!

2 weeks until my physical test. My running has gotten progressively better, yesterday I was timed at 29.20 for 3 miles. And I think that a lot of that had to do with the air being really dry and cool. I have 5 minutes and 20 seconds to shave off in 2 weeks. I don't think its physically possible, but I'll keep plugging along. I'm starting to realize that I have SO MUCH TO LEARN to get this belt. I'm learning Chinto- I think i have that mostly down so I can at least practice it thru without going blank. I also have to know Pinan Yondan Oyo Bunkai kata as the kata and in the Han(the group application of the kata). Uh...HUH?? I know some of it, but i have a long way to go before I "know" it. I also need to know Naihanchi Shodan Oyo bunkai kata and Pinan Shodan Oyo bunkai kata- which i do. thankfully. And... I also have to know kumite 1-10. These are short controlled "sparring" matches. I'm good up to about 7, but the rest need a lot of work. I also have to create my demo to music and be first aid/cpr certified by the end of september for our practical test- a 5 hour test from hell where we run 3 miles, then spar for a while-we have to spar the upper ranked black belts-like Renshi, and some other Sensei's. People have come out of this with broken noses, ribs, black eyes...and then after that, we have to show all our required material (like i mentioned above) This test is from 7pm to midnight on a friday night. I believe we will have to run the next morning at the track as well.


[Mat] said...


good luck. I'm rooting!!

blackbeltmama said...

Sounds awful! Congrats on shaving time off the run. Keep plugging.

supergroup7 said...

Oh wow.. don't let all the demands swamp you.. take baby steps.. one thing at a time..

Here is a quote from Sensei James Melton that helped me:
"One hot afternoon in Texas the old cowboy and a young cowboy were confronted with a corral full of high spirited young horses to break and train. The young man started complaining about how many horses there were to ride. The old man turned to him and said,
"Son, quit worrying about how many of them there are. You've only got one butt, so you just have to ride 'em one horse at a time." I guess you would call that Texas Zen.""

frotoe said...

Mireille- Hahaha-very true!!