monday class

Last nights class was fun- not the usual kind of sweaty hard core kick your ass kind of fun that it usually is, we did a lot of moving basics (with a partner) with different counter attacks at the end of each drill, and then we learned "empi waza" (empi=elbow) We don't do a lot of waza in our classes so it was a nice learning experience. Renshi then had us try and figure out ways to apply all these elbow smashes on our partner. Pretty cool. Then he had us all sing happy birthday to a couple of students (twins) who are turning 18 today. They have been taking classes since they were tiny and now they both teach. Awesome kids. then we had cake! yummmmmm.
After class a bunch of us worked on Pinan Yondan Oyo Bunkai. I really need to work on my take downs. Before I messed my foot up I didn't have a problem, but now I have trouble with squatting down low enough because of my weak knee and ankle, and keeping my back straight. My knee has buckled in a couple times too. aaarrrrrrhhhhgggg. By the end I did manage a successful takedown. I just need to stop rushing it and remember my basics.
Tomorrow we're having a special class on knife and gun self defense. This should be fun.. No kids allowed in this class, though-no matter what rank they are.


Miss Chris said...

Sounds like an interesting class. Our styles are different so I'm not familiar with the terminology but it sounds equzlly hard on the body! Aaarrrggghhh is right!

lizzie said...

I love Bunkai Oyo. It's lots a fun when one works with black belts. I wish my Sensei can let us work on them more in class.

sheila said...

I'm excited to hear about your knife and gun class.