Karate movies

I saw a cool movie last night. It was called Karate Bullfighter and it starred Sonny Chiba. I love Sonny Chiba movies. I have a collection of them. Streetfighter, Return of Streetfighter, even Streetfighters last Revenge (horrible movie) Also, Sister Streetfighter which stars Sue Shiomi and Sonny Chiba. That one is my favorite. Shiomi is amazing. One of the best things about these movies is the fake blood. So hilarious! That and the sound effects.
I love that Chiba was in Kill Bill, too. Anyway, in Karate Bullfighter, it was really cool to see Chiba and his student in the film doing Paipuren (or a variation) which is the White Crane kata I learned in association camp this summer. So there I am, all by myself, watching this movie and totally giddy saying out loud...I KNOW THAT!! I LEARNED THAT!!
so there you go...that is a brief snapshot of my sunday evening. If you ever get a chance to watch some of these, especially the Streetfighter series, I highly recommend them. Not only to see the expertise of these martial artists, but to have a good laugh at the same time.


Silverstar said...

'Street fighters last revenge' Sounds like gold!;) I don't think I've seen anything with him in it, except for the Kill Bill series. I'll keep an eye out for his flicks. :)

Becky said...

I had a similar moment when I was watching The Karate Kid III. When Daniel stopped and did the kata in the middle of his sparring match (and his opponent let him--only in Hollywood!) I was yelling at my son, "Hey! That's seiunchin kata!" Not exactly like we do it, but still recognizable.

uchi deshi said...

I've got to update the link to your blog!

Jayne said...

Thanks to you I woke up with the words "Sonny Chiba" playing over and over in my head this morning. :)