So I finally got back to class on Saturday. It felt great. I went to weapons class and reviewed the 5 bo kata I knew, then to regular class at noon. The warm up alone almost knocked me on my butt. We did mostly kata after that which was fine by me. We did all 5 kihon kata as a group then broke into smaller groups by rank to work on whatever kata we needed to. I worked with another shodan who has come back after several years hiatus. I remember her from when my son was a little white belt and she was on the STORM team. So we worked on Kusanku Dai. I know this kata pretty well now and soon I'll be starting Gojushiho. That one looks really complicated to me, but I will need it for Nidan. Lots of weird angles and new moves and its really long (54 count, which is what the name translates to...eek!)
My muscles were so sore on sunday but a good sore. I've missed that. :)


Silverstar said...

Glad you had a good class. Weapons and regular training sounds fun. :)

supergroup7 said...

It's great to see that you were able to return! That's a long time since you have been able to work on all of those kata.