i'm it!-7 random facts

So, I've been tagged..by Supergroup7..Here are 7 random facts about me...

1. I have 9 1/2 toes

2. I used to be a hair colorist on Newbury St in Boston

3. I hate asparagus.

4. Both of my children have ADHD (without the hyperactivity)

5. My favorite things to occupy my time are karate (no, really?) gardening, and crocheting.

6. I love power tools

7. My birthday is on Halloween (turning 40 this year! eeek)

Tagging you P-Fist!!


uchi deshi said...

9 1/2 toes? Interesting.
I'm beginning to think everyone has some form of ADHD.
40? You're just a baby!!!

supergroup7 said...

HAPPY upcoming Birthday!!!

Wow.. a birthday on Halloween! I wonder... was that a good thing?

Thanks for being a good sport, and answering my questions.

frotoe said...

I always enjoyed my Halloween birthday. birthday cake and extra candy from trick or treating!!
My grandmother was also born on Halloween and she lived until she was 99. I take that as a good sign.

Patrick Parker said...

So, is the power tool fetish the reason you have 9.5 toes?

frotoe said...

Patrick~ hahaha, no, it was not due to a power tool mishap. It was due to a big cast iron steam radiator falling on my feet.
fyi-don't ever try to move a 5 foot long radiator on a hand truck without securing it first. Actually, don't try to move it at all.