Back to regular classes tonite. the dojo has been closed for the holiday weekend. Sparring is on the schedule. I'm not sure if i will participate or not. I'm still nervous about my foot. I'm feeling as though i need to get back to where i was with power kicks before I should attempt sparring another student. I don't know. Backround- in february I was in a home improvement accident where a 600 pound radiator fell on my feet. I was out of the game for 13 very long weeks. My left foot was only severly bruised, but my right foot was not so lucky. I broke 3 bones, had an awful wound on the top and crushed the tip of my middle toe. After a valient effort by my doctor and nurses at the Wound Care center, it was determined that the toe would not recover. So I had half my toe amputated. I'll post a picture sometime when i can figure out how to do that. So that is why I'm nervous about the foot. Granted, i will have sparring gear on, but you never know what will happen. I'll think about it.


[Mat] said...

Hey there.
Thanks for dropping by.

As for injuries, I had a broken rib in April. Now, I was a fool and sparred nonetheless. My rib still complains as of now. It's been... 3 months now.

In june, I refused to spar. As my fellow student see the big wide opening I leave there. :)

Take your time, heal well. As well as you can, considering what you wrote.



Oniyagi said...

Have you kicked anything to see if your foot can stand the shock yet? I like the blog by the way. I'm going to add you to my links and to my martial arts lens!


frotoe said...

Oni-thanks! I have started to kick pads, I have to keep it light with the roundhouse and front kicks, but its not too bad. The one that really hurt was a slingshot kick. ouch. I think I'll avoid those for a while.

supergroup7 said...

Wow... that's quite an accident! 3 broken bones in your foot! I don't blame you for being nervous about it. How does your foot handle regular walking/running?