My written test is next monday night. I also have to hand in an essay. i hate writing. Our choices for essays were to either write about what "earning a black belt means to me" or to detail the life of an important figure in karate history. I'm still not what i'm going to write about. I have been thinking I will do something on Anko Itosu. I don't know. I feel like i'm back in school again. YUK. When you pass the pretest, you are given a package to study from. There are a lot of karate terms and lineage of our style. I'm not too concerned about the terminology-they are used regularly in class. So as long as you've been paying attention the past 3 1/2 years, you're ok.
Tonite, though....its BEACH CLASS!! yippeeee! the forcast looks good- mid 80's, not so humid. Perfect!
Saturday we ran as a group again. 4 miles. I consistantly have been running 11 minute miles. In a month i will be having to run 8 minute miles for the physical test. How do you shave off that 3 minutes? (well i know- I have to run faster) but seriously. I feel like this test is coming up faster than i want it to. and 50 pushups?? AAAGGGHHH.

but tonite. its all fun. :)


Oniyagi said...

I wish I could run an eight minute mile... Lord have mercy! Shoot I'd be happy with the eleven :)

blackbeltmama said...

One eight minute mile is do-able. Three or four? I'm feeling for you.

Just1Beth said...

Maybe you could get a vicious snarling dog to run after you. Or really mean guys with guns.