We had a group run on thursday at 5 and it was freakin' hot. For the first time during this cycle i had to walk the last half mile (out of 4) because there was NO MORE AIR. It was like breathing in steam. AND after I got home- which was around 5:45ish, i took a shower, but then continued to actively sweat until around 8pm. Can someone explain this to me? Where was it coming from?
I have to be at the track this morning at 8 am for another 4 miles, then candidate class, then a short break (enough time to go home, take a shower and do laundry) then all level class at noon, and weapons at 12:45.
Last Wednesday I started to learn Chinto. I love learning new kata and this one is really really cool. It is so different from the others. I also learned the 3rd bo kata that we do (taiso rensu gogeki---i think i spelled that right..) which is the opposing kata to taiso rensu uke (the first bo kata we do). I think i need to know the first 5 bo kata before I can move on to small weapons. Unfortunatly the 1st small weapon i will have to learn is nunchucks. Then I can start with Kama, then Sai. I wish I could start with those first, but I can't. I have to do it in order.
I also need to start working on my demo soon. We each have to perform a demo to music at our graduation ceremony(in Oct). We have to have this all set to show Renshi at the practical exam (which is a 5-6 hour test) in September. This is my least favorite part of this whole thing. Getting up in front of a whole gymnasium full of people and performing to music is just yucky. Granted, it only has to be about 45 seconds long, but if feels endless. I've had practice- we have to do a musical demo when we promote to solid green and again when we promote to solid brown as practice for the black belt demo. Its just mortifying.


Becky said...

I realize there will be some differences in the kata since we are of different styles, but Chinto is my favorite kata. It is so much fun! Well, Chinto and Wansu are my two favorites. I like Wansu because of the fluidity and gracefulness (with power) that is supposed to be in the kata. It isn't necessarily in mine, but it's supposed to be there!

supergroup7 said...

I'm sorry that you dislike doing kata to music so much, and that it's part of your belt rank test.

Is there any way to make it less distasteful to you?
Can you pick the music that you do the kata to?

Keep on the good work.. I'm rooting for you.

frotoe said...

Yes! we are allowed to pick our own music- that is the good thing. but we have to also come up with our own kata. Creating an original kata/demo and then performing it is scary. The last one i did, i messed up and had to improvise part of it. Granted-they don't know what your demo is supposed to look like, and if you can improvise easily-you're ok, but that fear of "freezing" in front of a crowded gym is frightening. Thanks for your good wishes! I really appreciate it!

[Mat] said...

creating a kata. That's great!

Ha, I'd do one, but it'd be -0- flash. That's just the way I am.

Nunchuks, ugh. Good luck with that.