So I survived sparring. It was quite enjoyable actually. Michelle was in class and that was fun. I was surprised at myself. I didn't really think that I would do as well as I did. I told our Sensei that I might have to just work on defense this time to baby my foot, but I didn't. It was impossible to not use my feet. And it was fine. I whacked a classmate in the eye with a ridge hand. I kind of felt bad, but she wasn't wearing headgear!? I don't know why she was allowed to spar at all. Anyway, she should have blocked.

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supergroup7 said...

"Anyway, she should have blocked."

That sentence can have quite a humorous twist to it, if you think about it. Your goal is to be fast enough, accurate enough, and confusing enough to get past your opponent's attempt to block. Obviously, you succeeded.