Fun Week recap

Beach class did not disappoint. I'll post pictures when i get them. My sister came and took over 400 pictures on her new fancy digital camera so there'll be plenty to post. Thursday night was the Projectile weapons seminar. Oh my god i need to get me a blowgun. Our guest instructor was a very nice man, 7th dan, and a couple of his students were also there to assist. He gave us a bit of backround on Ninjutsu, an overview on the weapons we'd be handling and of course safety. Then we all (about 40 students ) went outside to the parking lot where they had stations with targets set up. There were 2 stations for small star throwing, 2 for blowguns, one for archery, and one for large stars and knife throwing. It was a lot of fun-this is the 2nd year he has come to do this seminar. Hopefully he'll come again next year.
Friday was our inner school tournement. We have about 4 of these per year and a big interschool tournement once a year around St Patrick's day. I competed in kata and sparring. I was happy with my kata-i did Naihanchi Sandan and i did it well, and I did ok in sparring. My opponent is another BB candidate, 17 years old and about a foot taller than me. (and i'm pretty tall). She is excellent at everything she does-her legs are about 10 feet long and she knows how to use them. Needless to say, I couldn't get around her leg and i was eliminated in my first round. I have a lot to work on in sparring. I tend to lose focus. I think i try and concentrate so much on so many things that I lose my grip on everything and I'm all over the place. Not good.
So this morning its back to the track for 4 miles in the rain, then back to class for focus kick drills and probably kumite. My dojo has started a new mentoring program for candidates. each of us has a shodan or nidan as a mentor to kind of guide us through the testing cycle. Its a great program. I feel as though i am at an advantage as my son has been thru this cycle twice already so I know what to expect, but there are lots of students who go into this blindly and are shocked at all the work that is involved.
Monday is my written test. I need to write my paper this weekend. yuck.


Just1Beth said...

I am so proud of you- you are so strong. I don't care if that amazon freak with the long legs took you down- you should have rubbed your toe stump on her. That'll learn her!! When you get a chance, IM me. I can't talk- literally. I know you are wicked busy with studying for the test and writing your paper. But when you want a break...

supergroup7 said...

Keep up!

You are doing great.

A very wise Sensei friend of mine reminded me to "enjoy the journey". This is the time for you to enjoy the reality that you are testing for black. According to my friend, only 1 in 100 white belts make it to this level. Be proud of that, and remember to enjoy what you have achieved, look forwards to what you will become.

frotoe said...

Beth- you crack me up. She's actually NOT an amazon freak~ just a really nice, tall, young girl with no fear and a lot of talent. and she's not afraid of my very little piggie either. hahaha

frotoe said...

Mireille- thanks- I am trying to enjoy this journey as much as possible. I seem to be at an "I'm not worthy" point that I have to get past. Thanks for your words of encouragement. :)

Becky said...

I think writing my paper was the hardest part of my test! I have it posted, and you're welcome to read it if it will help give you any ideas.

Funny thing, you mentioned some people going through the test blind...When my friend Carole (nidan) came down for my test, she kept wanting to talk about her shodan test. She'd say, "But I'll tell you after your test." I finally asked her about that, and she said that in her association, what goes on in a black belt test is kept a secret until it's your turn to test. She was really surprised when I told her that I'd already been to three black belt tests. She even called her husband and told him!

sheila said...

I'm so damn proud of you! I thought about you this weekend, working away on your paper - can't wait to hear how it all went. :)

Maybe you can over to just1beth's house and read it out loud to her and she can give you written comments on her whiteboard???

Can't wait to see pictures of the beach class.