Running was way better than i thought it would be. beth and i ran/walked about 3 miles and my foot held out ok. My shins didn't even hurt. If we can get together once or twice a week that would work out great. I have to be running 4 times/week, 4 miles each time. Twice we run as a group, saturday am and thursday pm.
This week i'll find out what class I will be assisting teaching. I'm hoping it will be the white/gold/orange belt class. I used to love that class. and if i get to teach the one on monday, then I can just go to my class afterwards. I love my monday night class. Its Renshi's class and its crowded as hell, but always a good workout and I always learn something new.


[Mat] said...

Have fun in there. Following my first comment, that foot seems to have healed up nicely.

You're in Shorin-Ryu... What are the Kata you study? I'm curious because the style I'm in is a ... "mix" of Shorei-Ryu and Shorin-Ryu.


frotoe said...

My last kata was Kusanku sho. During this testing cycle I'll be learning Chinto. I'm pretty psyched about that.

supergroup7 said...

Chinto! Oh I like that one! It's so different from the others.

It's nice to read that you assist your Sensei by teaching. A lady after my own heart. How do you find yourself in the whole aspect of teaching? Do you enjoy it? Is it pleasant, but you'd rather focus on training? There are no wrong answers.. I'm just curious.

frotoe said...

when i taught yesterday I felt a bit awkward. I suppose after a couple weeks I'll relax more and enjoy it more. Its just kind of strange to be in front of a class for a change.