saturday training

So yesterday it was 8am at the track as usual. It wasn't as humid as its been but it was still very hot. We ran 4 miles, then we had to do an extra half mile (2 laps) but this time, sprinting the straight parts and lightly jogging the turns. I almost threw up. I almost had to go over to the fence and hurl. I came as close as clamping my hand over my mouth. But I didn't-thankfully. After that, we had to duck walk from one goal post to the other. A duck walk is when you squat down as far as you can go and then walk in that position. After that, we did our pushups and crunches, then went back to the dojo for our focus kick drills. Then I went home for about an our and a half to shower and eat, then back to the dojo for class at noon and weapons right after. But THEN...my kids and I went to Beth's house for the rest of the afternoon..actually, we went to Beth's pool/tiki bar and resort. It was sooooo nice. except when i was getting into the pool at one point and I whacked my ass on the concrete while going down the steps. I don't know how i did that but i have a painful bruise now and it hurts when I sit down. Besides that- it was just the therapy i needed.


sheila said...

sniff, sniff ... wish I had been able to join you! I miss you guys!

supergroup7 said...

O.K... call me confused.. Did you just say that the whack on the ass as you went into the concrete pool was just the therapy that you needed?????

frotoe said...

Mireille-no- everything except the whacking.:)

Sheila-We missed you too! (the water was unbelievable)

[Mat] said...


I hope that it's except the whacking!